Where Would Joe Retire


March 01, 2018

As I was doing research and looking at information on the new 2018 Tax Laws (which I’ve determined is quite boring) I came across an article in USA today titled Retiring in 2018? Here are the best and worst states for affordability. I always find these surveys interesting. I can’t help wonder how life changing it would be to retire. But the bigger question in my mind is, how? Then, if we truly love what we do, my next question is why? We will save those answers for another article.

If we are ready to retire, then I don’t feel like a survey should drive us to the place we want to be. I have seen hundreds of people retire over the years. The happiest have always been ones that have truly great relationships around them no matter what state they live in. For that reason, number one on my list of best places to retire would have to be Missouri. This is because of the current relationships that have such a positive influence on my family’s life. I really believe that is the single most important factor in having a successful retirement. I obviously don’t have all the data and studies to back this up. All I have are past experiences with the families and clients that we have worked with over the years. What good is the beach if you have no family or friends to share it with? Positive relationships in your life are not only powerful but are necessary in finding purpose throughout your journey.

I’m not telling anyone to forgo moving to a different state when you retire. I’m just saying, be sure before you make that decision that you consider strongly the effect the move will have on your closest relationships. Lastly, when you have purpose in your life, the destination is less important.

By the way the #1 Ranked State on the survey was Florida. When we have subzero temperatures here in Missouri which was ranked 18th, I am not gonna lie it does make Florida sound appealing.

Joseph D. Altic CFP®, MBA
Managing Partner, President