The Power of Doing Nothing at All

As we face a season of weather uncertainty, we’re often found pondering how to occupy ourselves on those days where travel is not advised aka “snow days”.

For a child, the thought of a snow day typically equates to the cancellation of school. I’m not sure there are many kiddos who don’t welcome that possibility. What are the most popular or exciting snow day activities for them? Maybe they go sledding and drink hot cocoa? Maybe they stay inside and partake in arts & crafts activities? Or maybe they are glued to a screen…a phone, gaming system, or even movie binge watching on the regular tube?

For adults, sometimes the thought of a snow day is daunting as it might mean things like shoveling or snow blowing, racing to the store ahead of the storm for “milk & bread”, or trying to accomplish actual “work tasks” from home if unable to travel. For parents and grandparents, it could mean entertaining kids who have no school.

But…maybe a “snow day” is meant to be a less hectic day? Maybe it’s a chance to “unbusy” ourselves? Maybe…just maybe…it’s a solid opportunity to do NOTHING?!? In our fast-paced world of hastily measuring worth as being directly correlated to busyness, the mere thought of doing nothing might seem downright crazy. But there is almost definitely some gain in “taking a break” and often our best thinking, introspection, &/or reflection that lead to new ideas or purpose come upon us when we take a break from the daily grind. Perhaps unclouded cognition leads to revelation???

‘The POWER of DOING NOTHING at all”, attached article by successful CEO Aytekin Tank might help you believe that there is power and potential gain in choosing this option. Why not take your next snow day to give it a test run?

Being IMPACTFUL is certainly a more desirable than just being “BUSY”!