Pre-New Year 2018 Why Do We Wait

As I stare at my sneakers for the 16th straight minute…I know what I NEED to do. But, I tell myself it’s too cold and wet. If I want to balance my addiction to sweets (especially in December!), I should go to the gym. Ahhh….I can just start January 1st. That sounds like a great time to start anew. Then I ask myself, why January 1st? I quickly realize that I can justify ALMOST ANYTHING in my mind and sell it to myself as the best decision.

So, I ask ‘Why?’ Why do we wait? To go to the gym? To clean up our eating habits? To get organized? To review our finances? Whatever it might be……why do we wait?

Setting goals and holding ourselves accountable to those benchmarks is something that we have the power to do every single day, yet many of us wait for that “clean slate” of a “new year”. Why?

Research shows that New Year’s Resolutions are not kept by over half of those who make them. Yet, still, we feel inclined to wait until the new year to make promises to ourselves, our families, our loved ones, our workplace, or whatever it might be. How old are you & of that number how many years have you set and kept your New Year’s resolutions?

Why not decide to be your “new” self today? We can draw the line in the sand at any given juncture on any day of the year and start clean. Setting a goal or expectation depends so much more on our readiness and commitment level than it does on an arbitrary date. Certainly, the success rate is higher if we set goals based on our personal values and desires vs. societal standards and expectations. Do you want to work out because YOU want to look and feel better? Or is it because Shelly and Amanda want you to go to the gym with them? Do you want to cut carbs and increase vegetable intake in your diet because it’s better for your health? Or is it because your insurance company will lower your premiums? Do you want to review your financial life because it will provide you with a path towards your goals? Or is because someone else is advising you to make changes?