Joe’s #1 Question in Client Meetings Lately

Subject: The number one question over the past few months in client meetings…

The number one question over the past few months in client meetings we have received is: Will the market continue to go up? This is usually followed by a statement “boy it’s awfully high right now”.

What I truly think clients are asking in the back of their mind is:

1) Have I missed out on opportunities already?
2) Are there more opportunities to come that I don’t want to miss out on?
3) Will I have to take too much risk to capture the opportunity? That scares me…

I don’t have a crystal ball to tell the clients if the markets are going to go up or down. Truly, at times I wish I did but that might take some of the fun out of it. What I can tell any of our clients and readers is, please understand the risk you’re taking on your portfolio. There are many ways to go about understanding the level of volatility your portfolio is currently subject to, so make sure you’re not setting yourself up for disaster just to fulfill short-term gratification.

In conclusion, the top questions I would love to see clients asking are:

1) Is my portfolio taking too much risk?
2) Is my portfolio maximizing its rate of return, given the amount of risk it is taking?
3) Why don’t you have a crystal ball, the wicked witch of the west had one in the Wizard of Oz? Followed by “have you looked on eBay or Amazon to buy one”?

Joseph D. Altic CFP®, MBA
Managing Partner, President