Autumn, Money, and……LOVE


Friday, October 26, 2018

The leaves are slowly changing hues, pumpkins and squash are bountiful, and a new is fully upon us in St. Louis and Denver. This theme of change holds true inside the PWM offices where we’ve been refocusing efforts, adding new team members and gearing up for a fabulous 4th quarter. 2019 and beyond look to be tremendously exciting and we are overjoyed to have each and every one of you as part of our professional family while we embark on the best years yet!

Most firms, ours included, have mission statements, core values, and/or guiding principles that provide the skeleton for the kind of service or product they wish to provide. Such is an integral piece of a successful business model and the foundation for solid retention and growth. Seldom do you find an admirable business with longevity that isn’t consistently revisiting their “Why’s” and furthermore answering these “Why’s” with “Who’s” and “How’s”…ever-evolving to stay on top of a world that changes by the minute.

When stumbling upon the article (link below), by Marcel Schwantes and based around the wit and wisdom of Buffett, we felt inclined to share with our family of PWM clients and influences as it spoke straight to the heart of what we aim to be and accomplish here at PWM. We “share the same values, ethical behaviors, and norms in a psychologically safe environment…which leads to a high-performing company that will attract other, likeminded people.” We choose a “culture of love” and that is a collective cultivation that encompasses not only our team members but our clients, as well. We seek to genuinely and intentionally attract people to the PWM family who share the same like-mindedness, which is that of choosing to measure success by these same standards.

If you get to my age in life and nobody thinks well of you, I don’t care how big your bank account is, your life is a disaster. ~Warren Buffett

While our primary goal at PWM is based around financial planning and investment strategy, it’s really much bigger and all-encompassing. It’s a personalized human element that manifests not just in a deep understanding of numbers, analytical intelligence, funds, and markets but also in emotional intelligence. Our objective lies in proactively assisting every single one our clients to feel confident in our trusted financial expertise and advice, but also to share a bigger picture vision of ensuring that “you are loved by all of the people whom you hope to be loved by”. Certainly, there is no better measure of success.

“The most important lesson and “the ultimate test” of a life well-lived has nothing to do with
money and everything to do with the most powerful emotion a human being can feel: love.”
~Warren Buffett