The Personal Side of Wealth

The Personal Side of Wealth


Our Mission Statement

“To create an inspirational experience and deliver a level of service that consistently exceeds the expectations of our family of clients. We focus on the personal side of wealth, adding value to the relationship becoming a trusted resource through education and guidance.”

Why: We believe in delivering a personalized experience that will give confidence to our clients.

What: We provide advice to help you make appropriate choices through proactive communication, investment strategy, and financial planning.

How: By surrounding you with a team of financial specialists and a proactive system, we are prepared to handle any situation presented.

Trust Your Gut

In the first post of this series I talked about Marty Byrde and how to know if the advisor you’re with or interviewing is reputable. These days on a somewhat regular basis we watch the evening news or read an article about hard working people that have lost their life savings.


The Power of Doing Nothing at All

As we face a season of weather uncertainty, we’re often found pondering how to occupy ourselves on those days where travel is not advised aka “snow days”.

Autumn, Money, and……LOVE

Joseph D. Altic, CFP®, MBA | Friday, October 26, 2018

The leaves are slowly changing hues, pumpkins and squash are bountiful, and a new season is fully upon us in St. Louis and Denver.

How much money do you need to be happy?

Joseph D. Altic, CFP®, MBA | Wednesday, March 28, 2018

This is the title of an article I am currently reading. My thought before I even read one word was: “It’s going to be different for everyone, you can’t have a general number and try to group everyone into that rule of thumb.”

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